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Linux is reknowned for it's reliability, with many users not having experienced a system-failure. We are all well-aware of the headache and inconvenience caused by such a situation, which can have a detrimental impact on any small or medium-sized company, until things are up and running again.

Linux allows many processes to run at the same time more successfully than windows' ability to do the same.

Furthermore, any configuration change with windows, calls for a re-boot, and thus your systems are down. Linux doesn't require such a task. Nearly all linux configuration changes can be done whilst your systems are still operational, without affecting any non-relative services.

On a similar note, whereas Windows servers have the need to be defragmented on a regular basis, the same doesn't apply to Linux. Leave your rivals to fend for themselves with inferior systems that regularly need repairing or are down altogether. Put your trust in Linux, and know that you have a system that you can rely on 24/7.


Be it the desktop, the server, or the embedded environment, Linux has the upper hand over windows, when it comes down to security. That's because Linux, which is based on Unix, was created to be a multi-user operating system.

Only the administrator or root user are privileged to administer, therefore not allowing other users the ability to access the kernel, or each other for that matter. That keeps everything modular and rightfully protected.

Viruses and malware are every systems' nightmare! But, of course, with Linux it is a rather seldom occurrence.


The demands of a windows system frequently requires hardware upgrades to accommodate forever-changing resources. Irrespective of type of computer or it's processor, Linux will operate it!

Linux allows for easy configuring. This lets you streamline all that your business requires. It eradicates confusing and conflicting mumbo-jumbo, making all the data purposeful. It also helps with the performance, as it reduces the memory requirements, making it all the better!


The advantages of having Linux are innumerable. One-man businesses to large, international corporations have come to rely on Linux to power their business. The reliance is due to the 'open source' nature of Linux, giving you the freedom to choose what will work best for you and your company.

If you're seeking to have Linux distibution run your business servers, Contact Linux CompItech today.