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Roll up, rollup! Read all about it!

We have FOUR ready-made desktop environments for you to choose from. Or, you could ask for a specific and unique desktop, which will be created to your distinct specifications! In today's information technology-led World, It is very important that an operating system is easy to understand, and use, to work your Computer.

Linux is the preferred option for many individuals and companies due to the 'open source' way of doing things. 'Open source' allows for so much more, than the rigidity of other systems.

Linux CompITech strives to make your desktop usage a pleasant experience, time and time again.

Plasma Desktop
A 'classical' desktop environment. Ideal for those who are accustomed to, and familiar with Microsoft 'Windows'
A new generation of desktop systems. The configuration of this desktop is very user-friendly.
XFCE4 Desktop
This desktop system has characteristics similar to 'Gnome' or 'Mac OS X' and is ideal for the resource-constrained personal computer.
LXDE Desktop
A lightweight desktop environment. Ideal for single-board computers such as 'Raspberry Pi' or 'Legacy' hardware.
'Unique2Me' Desktop A desktop tailor-made to your specifications and requirements. We'll make the impossible, possible!