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Here, at LinuxCompITech, we protect your data from loss, therefore saving you money!

Data loss is always annoying and can be expensive, whether it is your documents (e.g., correspondence with authorities), e-mails, family photos, or private and business customer data.

Especially for traders, the question arises: "What would the impact be to my business, in the event of business-relevant data loss? “ Data loss may be Caused by defective hard disks, fire, water, theft or virus attack. It is always pointed out that the attack by encryption trojan,or so-called Ransomware is an ever greater danger.

This malicious software is usually distributed via e-mail attachments, but often a visit to an infected website is sufficient for your computer to be infected with a virus that can wreak havoc. Ransom software is neutralised, so as long as you have back-up data.Why be blackmailed in to paying a ransom?

Regular backups are the only way to effectively protect against ransomware and other data loss. Optimal in combination with a professional anti-virus software.

Regardless of whether you use your computers privately, business or both, please contact us and we will provide you with the right solution for you!